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Hi there!
I've been a big fan of yours for the last two years I think. I like your ideas and the drawing style, cute and sexy, crazy! :D This project seems to have amazing potential and I can't wait to see what you'll do next! What I would recommend changing is how fast the time is going. And maybe choose a different colour in the dialogue windows? Something that would scream your brand :D
Lots of love!

Tentakero responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We plan on adding the option for the player to select from a few preset color themes for the UI to hopefully cover a lot of preferences. As for the clock speed, the time will begin to flow slower when we make it past the tutorial stage of the game. We just didn't want players having to sit around and have to wait for the first crop to grow for too long.

I like to think of myself as a person who knows words and how to use them but your game bumped me in the head and stole my vocabulary. It's so good, so well designed and just so amazingly playable that I spent about six hours non-stop playing it here, then bought it on Steam and played another five there.
I am officially impressed. And a fan.
All the best, creators! You're way cool!

I've spent about two hours playing that game and I've got few thoughts about it.
First of all - amazing idea, great potential for the gameplay and simple but nice customization of the character. Kudos for the points system and upgrades, they really help a lot. Secondly, I totally understand why you made some extra content for your Patrons and can't support you enough in gratifying those who help you with your income BUT the extra content is about 2/3 of the game content all in all. I really liked how you let some more attentive players work around those limitations but still, it was kind of hard and time-consuming. The graphics could use some polishing and the soundtrack could be a bit more various.
All in all, a nice game!

SlingBang responds:

Yeah, I'm kinda halfway on the Patreon thing. My newer games certainly have double the content for Patrons, but they are designed to still be fun and contain a full story and sex events for free. Also, even a one-time donation of $5 on Patreon will unlock everything I've ever made so it's not a bad deal.

Oh yeah, I had some free time so added the medal descriptions for you in the game guide. Hope it helps!

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