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LiquidDarkness's News

Posted by LiquidDarkness - 1 month ago

I feel like playing for hours and not feeling bad about this. Wanna watch me do it?

All the links you need are in my latest Patreon post!

Posted by LiquidDarkness - January 20th, 2021

I freaking love kimchi.

I wrote about it on my Patreon.

Kimchi for the President!

Posted by LiquidDarkness - January 14th, 2021

Am alive.

I wrote a post on my Patreon, FYI.

Posted by LiquidDarkness - November 3rd, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

I've been silent for quite a while, definitely longer than I anticipated or hoped. I explain my reasons behind it in the post here, if you're interested:


If not, well,

Stay safe and awesome!


Posted by LiquidDarkness - October 21st, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

I hope you missed at least half as much as I missed you! I come with another Recommend for you to enjoy! I hope you'll greet it with enthusiasm and excitement! I have, after all, used those exclamation marks for something!

And this game earned itself some exclamation marks for how nice it is to play it. A cafe with weitresses wearing maid uniforms, a succubus demon, an alive doll, time management + simulation + visual novel! Sooo much fun! And you can even buy the full release on Steam and itch.io! WOWZ, am I right?!

Check it out now and read the full Recommended post! Much insight, many adjectives!


Stay safe and awesome!


Posted by LiquidDarkness - October 2nd, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

I'm pretty happy with how this drawing turned out and I think that anyone who's been on Newgrounds for some time will recognise this one! I've been watching development of this project for quite some time but not until I played the third chapter and tried to draw the picture above did I realise why it's so addictive to play the game.

The plot is thick, the graphics original, and the mechanics are surprising in each chapter. I wrote some more about every aspect of the series (can I call it a series?) in here:


I hope you'll enjoy reading and then playing!

Stay safe and wonky!


Posted by LiquidDarkness - September 22nd, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

So I heard some people had to go back to school, eh? Not that it's bad or anything, school can be fun (my new Recommended is about such fun school, he he) I myself aren't a fan of going outside of my bed area. Would I get up and leave more enthusiastically if i were to attend a school with its own crazy currency and cool rules?

Today's Recommended is all about a place where you can buy others' services: from doing homework to doing them. And it's all drawn in an anime style graphics. I tried to emulate them in my drawing above but only you can tell me how it went. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, to be honest. Interested enough to read the post? There you go:


As always, stay safe and curious!


Posted by LiquidDarkness - September 12th, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

More exciting news and information about my new project have just been published on my Patreon! Am I asking rhetorical questions? Yes. Am I being a little weird? Yes, as always. Am I begging for comments? Yes, as always... This hooded hacker icon design is somewhat explained in the post, too, so hurry up and click this link:


Also, very important, if not the most important:

Stay safe and awesome!



Posted by LiquidDarkness - September 5th, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

I am elated right now. I feel like I'll soon be able to create all of the games I've been dreaming of making! I was lucky enough to find a person who's willing to teach me both coding and Unity! I'm over the Moon, darlings, adn I'll make you feel similarly nice with today's Recommended. Fair warning, tho, it's pretty addictive.

I've never been a big fan of dungeon crawlers, truly. I always found them borish and repetetive, to the point even the grind stopped being satisfying. And you know how much I love some good grind! This game, however, being a dungeon crawler, makes me happy almost every frame I play it. The graphics are the greatest, then I'd put the plot and combat system which together create such cool idea for an adult game! I spent some long hours playing it before deciding to Recommend it, then another couple hours preparing the post. I hope you'll like it:


I wonder why they don't have Patreon page for supporters?

Stay awesome and safe!



Posted by LiquidDarkness - August 23rd, 2020


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

For some reason I really enjoy writing posts for you. There are two "yous" I usually think of when I'm addressing my readers: my very first Patron and my Love Potato. The first one actually shows his engagement with my writing and the second is made to read my posts and give me compliments.

Today's Recommended's dev earns compliments with their hard, hard work and the great game I wrote about here:


Ha! Youd didn't espect the link so soon, did you?! I like to shock you from time to time to keep the fire going. Just like the game keeps it so I spend hours without end playing it. If I didn't get so caught up in it this piece of writing would have been up loong ago. Let it interest you enough and be my really good excuse for the delay (not that I scheduled the post with you or anything, I keep my calendar in my head like the weirdo I am).

Alrighty, I'm off.

Stay safe and clean!